Notice of Public Hearing-Monitor Properties, LLC.





Notice is hereby given that the Monitor Township Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. in the meeting room of the Monitor Township Hall, 2483 E. Midland Rd., Bay City, Michigan 48706, to consider at the request of the owners of the below described property, Monitor Properties LLC, a Michigan Limited Liability Company to seek a Special Use Permit from the Planning Commission to allow an extraordinarily high building to be located on property zoned general commercial (C) on Wilder Road East of Uno’s and North of Cracker Barrel/Menards.


The property does not have any structures and therefore does not have a street address. The property’s tax code parcel number is 09-100-012-400-160-00 and is legally described as:


Commencing at the Southeast corner of Section 12, Town 14 North, Range 4 East, Monitor Township, Bay County, Michigan; thence North 86°16’ West 1451.0 feet, along the South section line to the Point of Beginning; thence North 86°16’ West 554.7 feet, along the South section line; thence North 3°44’ East 333.0 feet; thence North 86°16’ West 301.26 feet parallel to the South section line, to the Easterly Right of Way line of Highway U.S.-23; thence North 3°44’ East 147.0 feet, along said Highway Right of Way line; thence North 6°40’09” West 565.93 feet, along said Highway Right of Way line, to the North-South ¼ line; thence North 5°01’05” East 780.02 feet, along the North-South ¼ line, to the South line of the North 10 acres of the West ½ of the Southeast ¼ of said Section 12; thence South 85°41’08” East 1329.0 feet along said South line of the North 10 acres; thence South 5°15’22” West 518.3 feet, along the East 1/8 line; thence North 85°49’43” West 132.0 feet along the North line of Consumers Power Company fee strip; thence South 5°15’22” West 1769.46 feet parallel to the East 1/8 line and along the West line of Consumers Power Company fee strip to the South section line, to the Point of Beginning. Excepting therefrom a Right of Way for Consumers Power Company recorded in Liber 499, Page 497 also except a Right of Way for Dow Chemical Company recorded in Liber 476, Page 229. Subject to the Right of Way for Wilder Road on the South side thereof. Also subject to easements and Rights of Way and restrictions of record.


This property is generally located North of Wilder Road, East of the U.S.-23 Right of Way line which is also referred to as the “M-13 connector”. All the above property is not zone commercial but the proposed location of the development which required an extraordinarily high Special Use Permit is in a commercial zone. The proposed development is in a commercial zone which has a maximum height of 35 feet and the development proposed by the owner of this property would have a roof parapet height of 46 feet 2 7/8 inches and would have an arch feature height of 54 feet 8 7/8 inches. Therefore, the Planning Commission could grant a Special Use Permit if it finds the conditions of section 3.07 of the Ordinance have been met and can be adhered to.


You are welcome to attend and express your opinions at the hearing or you may express your views in writing. The application and proposed plans for the special use permit will be available for review and inspection at the Township offices between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday, excluding holidays. All communications must be received at the Township offices prior to the date of the hearing.


Pursuant to the ADA, individuals with disabilities may request aids/services within a reasonable time period to participate in the hearing. Contact the Charter Township of Monitor by writing or calling: Linda Ferguson, Clerk, ADA Coordinator, Charter Township of Monitor, 2483 East Midland Road, Bay City, Michigan 48706; Telephone: (989) 684-7203; Fax: (989) 684-9234.




James Bellor, Chairperson