Charter Township of Monitor

Fire Chief J. Kramer

fire department

Fire Department

Hours: 24/7

Emergency: 911

Non-Emergency: 989 684-6320

Chief John R. Kramer

Monitor Township Fire Chief

Bay Alerts

Click on BAY Alerts to register your cell phone number, Voice over IP phone number, and e-mail address with the Bay County BAY Alerts Notification System. 

Bay County has implemented an emergency mass notification system that is used to contact County residents via phone messages, text messages and/or e-mail messages in case of emergency.  The system, called BAY Alerts, will be used by Bay County 9-1-1 to notify residents of emergencies or critical situations and provide information regarding necessary actions, such as evacuation and shelter-in-place.

House Number Signs

Monitor Township Fire Department is now offering Green Reflective House Number Signs to put on your mailbox for $15.00.


Call them at 684-6320 to get yours today!   Make sure emergency vehicles can find your house!

Home Demolition

If you are planning on bringing down a home, old barn or large building please consider contacting your fire department at 684-6320 and offering it to us to provide valuable training before it comes down.  Old homes that are set for demolition make good training for firefighters to keep their skills up to date.  Thanks for considering us!


Direct Contact Number: (989) 684-6320    Fax:  (989) 684-6332

The Monitor Township Fire Department distributes situation updates regularly via a separate personal Facebook page which can be accessed by clicking the icon below.


Our Full-time Officers:
John Kramer, Chief
Brian Bladecki, Assistant Chief
Joseph Baker, Captain, Inspector I

Sara Erikson

Noah Carter

Richard Roberts


We have 35 Paid On-Call Firefighters.  Each one is a State Certified Fire Fighter, who holds a Medical First Responder, E.M.T, or a Paramedic State Certified License.  They are required to maintain at least 24 hours of training per year.  The fire station is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  The full-time officers respond from the station, and your Paid On-Call Firefighters respond from their homes to ensure a rapid response that meets the needs of your community.  We have two State Certified Fire Inspectors and a School Fire Prevention Program.  Feel free to come in and visit us at any time.  Our doors are always open and we enjoy the company

Burning Permits

Burning brush and having recreational fires in your yard are allowed, but a Burning Permit is required.  Burn permits are FREE and available at the fire department.  They are good for three days at a time and can be renewed as many times as you need them. Burning without a permit may cause legal actions against you if the fire department is called and responds.  Please contact the fire department for rules and regulations concerning permits at our non-emergency number (989) 684-6320.

Check with the State of Michigan DNR website to see if Burn Permits are currently being issued prior to calling or coming into the station.

Campfires do not need a permit however they are controlled under the Ordinance for nuisance smoke issues.  A camp fire is described as a small fire in a ring like at a campground. 

Remember to respect your neighbors and burn when the wind direction is away from their homes. You must be able to control the fire and be ready to extinguish it if it gets to a point that you may lose control.


If you have a recreational fire (small fire in yard) it must be in a burn pit.  This type of fire is where you have a small fire and sit around it.  A large bonfire does not qualify as a recreational fire and a permit is required.  Remember that you are responsible for the direction of the smoke

Smoke Detectors

Please check your smoke detectors once a month and change your batteries once a year to make sure that they are in proper working condition.  Know your escape plans out of the house and practice them with your family.  If your smoke detector is older than 10 years it is time to buy a new one and replace the old one. 


The Monitor Township Fire Department was established in 1949.  We are now in our 72nd year of service and have five trucks in service:  1-Pumper, 1-Engine, 1-Tanker, 1-Rescue, and 1-Brush Truck.  Our original 1949 Pumper has been restored and is presented in community parades and events.

Direct Contact Number: (989) 684-6320    Fax:  (989) 684-6332